• Thomas Reynolds

    SPORTS: Mountain Biking, Orienteering, Trail Running, Road Cycling, Multisport and Adventure Racing.
    Achievements: Course records at The Dual, The Nugget, West Coaster and Kaweka Challenge.
    When you Most Love Vitasport: "Definitely post training! I love being able to carry around sachets of Vitasport in my gear bag. It's so easy to throw a couple (one of each flavour) in my water bottle after training - to recover and rehydrate extra fast, ready for the next session."
  • Mystics

    Team: Elsa Brown, Katherine Coffin, Kayla Cullen, Temalisi Fakahokotau, Sulu Fitzpatrick, Paula Griffin, Serena Guthrie, Cathrine Latu, Laura Langman, Camilla Lees, Nadia Loveday, Maria Tutaia
    Management: Debbie Fuller (Head Coach), Noeline Taurua (Specialist Coach), Chris Tennant (Manager), Sharon Choie (Physiotherapist)
    Team Highlights: Serena won the ANZ Championship’s Golden Bib award for her MVP effort in our win over the Central Pulse. Laura Langman had won the Golden Bib, which is for the top player that week in the league, in Round Three.
    When the team loves Vitasport: "Love the convenience of the Vitasport sachets, easy to transport and pop into water bottle during and after training. Love the great flavour range and the fact that Vitasport has less sugar then many other hydrate brands."
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